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About Attica

The region of Attica is situated in mainland southern Greece on the Attica Peninsula which juts out into the crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea. It is an historic region which includes the City of Athens famous, beautiful capital city of Greece and their histories are intertwined.

Varied Landscape

It has a varied landscape, Attica includes the Peloponnesian mainland and the municipality of Traizinia and in the south is the Sardonic Gulf. To the west it is bordered by the sea and here you will find the legendary Corinth Canal. The mountain range of Cithaeron forms a natural border in the North with four other mountains of note being Aigaleo, Parnitha. Penteli and Hymetus. There is also the lesser mountain of Laviro in the south. Here you will find the reservoir of Lake Marathon water reservoir for the city of Athens and an area of natural beauty and historical interest worth visiting.

Plains of Pedias, Mesogaia and Thriasion

Attica also includes the plains of Pedias, Mesogaia and Thriasion. With such diversity there are a wide variety of activities to be enjoyed by the holiday maker/explorer including walking, climbing wind surfing sailing or simply sunbathing and swimming at one of the many beautiful beach resorts which are to be found in this area.

Historical site of Attica

In addition to all this there are unique, historical sites to be explored. In the south of Attica you will find the Temple of Poseidon this at Cape Sounion, the southernmost tip of Attica. Also from Attica you can visit the ancient and unforgettable Delphi, site of the ancient Oracle of Delphi and Temple of Apollo. Delphi is, quite simply one of the most important and spectacular archaeological sites in Europe. Legend has it that two eagles were sent out by Zeus to find the naval of the world and met at the sanctuary of Delphi and it has been visited ever since. In Attica we will also find the capital city of Athens with its many wonders, including the World Heritage site of the Acropolis and Parthenon.

Cuisine and Entertainment

The cuisine and entertainment in this region is as varied as its landscape and includes all that can be expected from the International city of Athens to the small traditional villages, with their Tavernas serving traditional Greek produce locally sourced.

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The area is easily accessible, with flights from all over Europe to Athens international airport daily. There are excellent transport facilities throughout the area making your desired destination easily accessible. Also, of course the Port at Piraeus is at Athens with its excellent Ferry service and excursion programs it is an ideal launching pad to explore the numerous and beautiful Greek islands.

Also, of course this is Greece renowned for its hospitality and Mediterranean Climate you can be assured of an enjoyable and memorable holiday in this fascinating region throughout the year. Two weeks is simply not enough to enjoy and explore all that it has to offer.