Sophia Suites

A Collection of 18 suite

The building used to be an old manor house dating back to the mid 1800’s when it was built by a Turkish business man who had a love affair with Santorini. It was carefully and loving renovated in 2015 which gave birth to a group of 18 individually and beautifully designed luxurious suites that are all individually styled. They take the style of the typical whitewashed cave houses where Cycladic architecture blends with contemporary features creating an elegant and sophisticated environment. There are still some traditional aspects, like the beamed wooden ceilings in some of the suites. The Suites enjoy a vantage point as they are nestled down the cliff, a cluster of elegant, contemporary, smart, stylish, exquisite, luxurious, and in places you might say quirky suites that are linked together by stairways and winding paths that lead to the different levels.

Please note that low walls and steps may make this property unsuitable for children or the elderly. A private balcony or terrace means it is solely for your use and not shared with others, but that is not to say that you can’t be overlooked by others.

Sophia Suites
Sophia Suites Sophia Suites Sophia Suites Sophia Suites Sophia Suites Sophia Suites