Thermes Mykonos Villas

Prepare yourself for a world of amazing sunsets, dreamy beaches and fine living.

Our villas which are mainly situated on the west side of Mykonos like Ag.Ioannis Diakoftis, Kanalia and Ornos will entice you with its light and minimalist Greek-island décor.

  • Alexandra (3-bed villa)

    Alexandra (3-bed villa)

    Villa Alexandra is situated in Kanalia. This villa has a panoramic view of Delos, Syros and Tinos. Outside there is also a barbeque place and a bar area. At the end of the day you can enjoy the magnificent sunset from your terrace drinking a glass of wine.
  • Helen (4 bedrooms)

    Helen (4 bedrooms)

    Villa Helen is situated in Ano Diakoftis. This villa has an amazing view of chora of Mykonos and Ornos! A large area for parties or any other event and a landing area for helicopters!


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