Theme Week Packages

Culinary Crete

Learn about excellent, artisan, cold stone-pressed, organic olive oil production at the world famous factory BIOLEA.

As a strategic gem in the southern Mediterranean occupying forces have influenced Cretan cuisine over the centuries. Immerse your taste buds and enjoy a 5 course wine tasting with food pairing in a historical, former Ottoman Turkish bathhouse, now restaurant, and learn from the resident sommelier the facts behind the choices of wineries/wine and the exquisite dishes especially prepared to complement each other.

Indeed smell the herbs and taste the fruits of the mountain micro- climate Botanical Park which provides another amazing day out.

Learn about the history of Cretan food from ancient to modern times and to prepare and cook a variety of dishes for your lunch table.

Crete in a glass tour and taste the exceptional micro brewery “Harma”

Optional Extras

(i) Culinary Crete Option One: Rethymnon Uncovered includes cooking lesson and lunch prep; lakes, monasteries, mosaics and hand crafted Minoan pottery.

(ii) Culinary Crete Option Two: Take a boat tour to lagoons and bays or travel to stunning sandy beaches with crystal clear waters.

(iii) Culinary Crete Option Three: Follow on the fun train through the citrus growing area, beautiful scenery, organic wine tasting and a heavenly view from a local monastery.

Complimentary colour illustrated guide book and map.

Cretan Adventure

Carefully planned tours to take you off the main tourist routes and sites to places less known. Mountain villages, ancient sites, fortresses and fortifications, graphic byzantine churches, scenic monasteries and stunning coastal routes unfold along the journey. History, culture, mythology, scenic beauty all enveloped in the true Cretan hospitality.

Flavours from the island’s world renowned healthy cuisine will accompany our days and nights, offering you a glimpse into the local traditions and pastimes. Taste different wines from the internationally recognized, award winning organic winery - NOSTOS. The ancient Greeks even had a God of Wine and merry making - Dionysus.

Wander through the narrow streets of the old Venetian port, view the abundance of local produce in the markets and look at the different architecture, an imprint left behind by each occupying force over the centuries.

Complimentary colour illustrated guide book and map.

Ancient Pathways of Western Crete

Pack your walking boots and join us over a week to follow scenic E4 coastal paths leading to once thriving ancient city sites, some still very visible today.

Walk between deep gorges cut into the limestone White Mountains over millennia and enjoy the abundance of protected flora, and fauna especially in spring time. Smell the wild mountain herbs used for cuisine and medicinal purposes during ancient times and still today and learn of the area surrounding you.

Follow in the footsteps of allied forces troops during WWII and their route of retreat through mountain gorges, passes and villages after fighting side by side with the local population. Who then had to retreat or surrender after losing the island to yet another occupying force during the Battle of Crete.

Complimentary colour illustrated guide book and map.

We include in our packages

  • Accommodation
  • Return Transfers Chania Airport (CHQ) /Accommodation/Chania Airport (CHQ)
  • Complimentary food pack (replenished mid-week)
  • All excursions as mentioned in the itineraries with local guide.
  • Meals included in the itinerary
  • Local wines and soft drinks included with all meals
  • Colour-illustrated guide book
  • Map
  • All entrance fees and guided tours
  • Minimum guests per programme is 8
  • Maximum guests per programme is 19
  • A Health Questionnaire is to be completed & signed by each guest before travel.
  • A photo and video consent form completed & signed by each guest before travel.
  • Any special dietary requests or allergies are to be noted.

Please note our programs are subject to slightly change depending on:
Flight times
Guests special preferences