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  • Anglon Olympia

    Anglon Olympia

    A true lady ready to show off her best manners
    Order a drink on the Hera deck, beside the Anglon Greece Olympia’s sparkling pools, and watch the Aegean unfurl before your very eyes.
  • Anglon Crystal

    Anglon Crystal

    Your home at sea during the holiday of a lifetime Escape with Anglon Greece Crystal and feel welcome, cosy and relaxed. Restaurants, bars, a café, a thrilling casino, a pool...

Welcome to Anglon Greece Cruises, using the only home porting cruise company in Greece. Join us on board and experience authentic Greece.

Hidden gems of Greece

Tranquil ports, small islands and beautiful beaches. See the best of Greece in just a few days.

Culture and Heritage –the insider’s view

FEEL the ancient scents of legendary destinations. Discover ancient Greek history and culture through onboard educational workshops and exciting shore excursions to unique monuments.


The onboard life is full of genuine Greek entertainment, traditional and modern music, live shows, Greek dance lessons and parties.


Taste the local tomato, the oregano and the olive oil. Let us guide you through the paths of the authentic Greek cuisine and the mysteries of the superb Greek wines.

Themed Cruises

No matter your age, nationality or language, our specially designed themed cruises offer everyone the opportunity to explore Greece through their fields of interest. So, whether you love good food, sightseeing or partying, you‘ll definitely find the perfect Anglon Greece Cruise for you.

Culture & Heritage Cruises

Do not miss our Culture and Heritage Themed Cruises from March to May 2016
Are you ready to go back in time and surrender to the paths of philosophy, history and mythology?
Get our “insider’s” view through our shore excursions and make the most out of your experience. Get to see the places that have marked Ancient History such as Knossos, Ephesus, Grotto of the Apocalypse and the Platane of Hippocrates. Select one of our themed cruises around Culture and Heritage from March to May and we promise to make history unravel right in front of your eyes. On board, we offer you authentic Greek shopping where you can tailor items to your taste and take a piece of Greek heritage back home with you.

Entertainment Cruises

Do not miss our Entertainment Themed Cruises from June to August 2016 Welcome to the endless party of Anglon Greece Cruises, where everybody gets to enjoy unique and fun activities, tailored to correspond to a wide variety of interests regardless of age or language. Let us entertain you the Greek way. Enjoy vibrant nights of live Greek music with the best bouzouki virtuosos in Greece, famous pop idols, incredible dancing performances by Greece’s most respected association of traditional dance, Greek theatre and exciting musicals. Select an entertainment-themed cruise from June to August and experience an unforgettable summer

Enogastronomy Cruises

Do not miss our Enogastronomy Themed Cruises from September to November 2016 Every Anglon Greece Cruise is also a journey to the genuine Greek cuisine. Every onboard meal includes a variety of traditional Greek dishes, prepared daily with pure local ingredients like virgin olive oil and fresh herbs. Get ready to taste mouth-watering recipes paired with the finest Greek wines brought to you directly from Greek boutique wineries. If you are really into eno-gastronomy, we invite you to join us on our September to November themed cruises and dive deeper into the Greek culinary tradition. Enjoy and savour authentic Greek cuisine with onboard cooking demonstrations by renowned Michelin-star rated chefs